Tuesday, June 30, 2009


the word of god
is food for my soul.
where does my help come from?
from where
does the source of 
life spring forth?
it is in the quiet place.
the tabernacle of my heart
where the spirit of the living god dwells.
nothing else 
can satisfy the depravity
of my shattered soul
but the one who calls himself


my soul is thirsty
for the life that
comes from 
the spirit of god.

come oh holy god
and breathe
on these bones that are 
as dry as the dust of the earth.

as deep cries out to deep
so my soul calls
out to christ my savior.

to be like a tree 
planted next to the 
satisfying riverbed
is the longing of my heart.

here i am 
communing with the
one my heart loves.

and here i ask -
hold me close to your bosom
and speak tenderly
with the wind of your spirit.